Design in Transition, Transition Design.

*En català més abaix. Update: this post was written before a formal conversation started with folks at CMU and their comprehensive work on a Transition Design Overview was shared.  This post is a brief contribution to an ongoing conversation to Continue reading

Iterating a Sustainable Service Design course

While I am now preparing for the third edition of the course in Sustainable Service Design at IED Barcelona’s Master in Sustainable Product Design, Innovation and Management I wanted to share some learnings from the second edition we completed just before Continue reading

Integrating Strategic Sustainable Development with Design Thinking

SDD integrated DT Model

I am very eager to share* a MSc thesis I had the honour to advice, done by colleagues at MSLS integrating Strategic Sustainable Development (SSD) and Design Thinking (DT). It tackles a relevant issue design for sustainability still suffers; to integrate Continue reading