Design in Transition, Transition Design.

*En català més abaix. Update: this post was written before a formal conversation started with folks at CMU and their comprehensive work on a Transition Design Overview was shared.  This post is a brief contribution to an ongoing conversation to Continue reading

Integrating Strategic Sustainable Development with Design Thinking

SDD integrated DT Model

I am very eager to share* a MSc thesis I had the honour to advice, done by colleagues at MSLS integrating Strategic Sustainable Development (SSD) and Design Thinking (DT). It tackles a relevant issue design for sustainability still suffers; to integrate Continue reading

Small Open Local Connected: Resilient Systems and Sustainable Qualities


Reposted from Design Observer – Change Observer – Essay by Ezio Manzini How do we design a resilient socio-technical system? Let’s look to natural systems; their tolerance of breakdowns and their adaptation capacity (that is, their capability of sustaining over time) Continue reading

Leadership as Distributed Initiative

While exploring the topic of leadership and organisational change, and how both are influenced by systems thinking I came across to one of the most amazing books I ever read, the one by Fritjof Capra, The Hidden Connection: A Science for Continue reading